Northeast of Reykjavík you can find the Þingvellir national park, an area with wonderful nature and special in different ways. First of all, the Eurasian and the American plate drift apart there and form the Almannagjá (‘all men’) valley. You can hike between the high rocks and the Öxará river runs there, forming the beautiful waterfall Öxarárfoss. But this place was also always important in Icelandic history as the location of its ancient parliament, the Alþingi.

Riding paths are leading to Þingvellir from all regions of the island and every year in June from the beginning of the settlement activity on the inhabitants were meeting here for two weeks. The Alþingi had the tasks of a parliament and a court; in the year 1000 CE it was also the entity that decided to adopt Christianity as the official religion. But it is also the place where people were sentenced and punished. The name Þingvellir itself already states this usage of the area: Þing is a meeting, völlur means plain. At Þingvellir you will find a visitor’s center with great views on the Þingvallavatn lake as well as different parking areas and all necessary facilities.


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