The golden waterfall (‘Gullfoss‘) is a two-level waterfall northeast of Reykjavík and together with places like Þingvellir part of the so-called Golden Circle of Iceland. The waters of the Hvítá river are running over wide cascades and then falling into a gorge, creating a massive amount of spray. It is an amazing sight you can view from different angles: for sure from the top, but you can also take some steps down to the gorge and hike down a path to the cascades – then you’re directly at the center of action and in-between the two levels.

That the Gullfoss is still there is no matter of course: in 1920 a British electricity company wanted to turn the waterfall into a power plant. It was Sigríður Tómasdóttir from a nearby farm that protested against (and explained that she would commit suicide be jumping into the falls if the power plant would be built). That is why there is still today a statue for her near the falls. Gullfoss is well-prepared for tourists and has a large parking area, a restaurant, a shop and restrooms close to the falls.


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