Norðurey Hotel City Garden

The Norðurey Hotel at Reykjavík is the perfect motel if you’re exploring Iceland by car and want to have a pitstop at the capital city. The check-in is fully automated, you’ll receive a five-digit code upfront to your stay by e-mail. This code opens the front door of the hotel as well as your hotel room. The region around the hotel is quiet and there are parking lots in front that might be already full if you arrive late; but than you’ll easily find space to park your car in the streets surrounding the hotel.

In summer time you might enjoy the small garden behind the hotel. If you want to get to the city center from there it is a three kilometers walk that you can shorten by using one of the Hopp e-scooters available (you’ll just need to install their app). Alternatively you can also go by car: just follow the shore to the west and you’ll find the entrance to the car park underneath the Harpa concert hall. It is plenty of space, the city center is next door and you can pay for parking by app.

Norðurey Hotel City Garden
Hrísateigur 14
105 Reykjavík

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