Berlin has a lot of water in rivers and lakes. The largest lake is the Müggelsee in the East, the one most often used for swimming is the famous Wannsee. Most often considered as the most beautiful lake is the Schlachtensee at Steglitz-Zehlendorf. It has a tubular shape and is often used for swimming due to its good water quality; but you can also have long hikes along its shore or use it for diving or stand-up paddling.

Hiking along the lake is a 5.5 kilometers long pleasure and can be best started at the S-Bahn stop Schlachtensee, reachable by S-Bahn S1. The name of the lake does not refer to a battle (“Schlacht“), but to a slat, a bank stabilization by wooden poles. In 2008 a swimmer discovered that there are more than two meters long Wels catfishes inside the lake – because she was bitten by one. It was named the Killerwels by local media, but that was probably a unique event and doesn’t keep the Berliners from swimming inside the Schlachtensee.


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