The city center of Bamberg is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1993. And that is well-deserved because of the beautiful historic buildings in the old town (Bergstadt and Inselstadt) and the location along river Regnitz. After a short walk through the streets and over the many bridges you can only confirm this. But there is another part that belongs to the UNESCO world heritage site that is lesser known: the Gärtnerstadt.

The Gärtnerstadt can be found between the main railway station and the Inselstadt. Here the local gardeners are growing vegetables and fruits between their houses. They sell them to the citizens and having these gardens still today is very uncommon. Normally grounds close to the city center would have already been converted to residential zones.

But not at Bamberg, there you can still today buy your food from absolute local production and with the shortest transportation. At the Gärtnerstadt you can also find a small viewpoint (at the intersection of Heiliggrabstraße and Spiegelgraben) where you can look at the fields between the houses.

Additionally, there is the Gärtner- und Häckermuseum (Mittelstraße 34) that gives you more insight. Don’t confuse the Gärtnerstadt with the Gartenstadt, that is a city quarter further to the East of Bamberg.


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