Germans have been very creative in the past on how they name their settlements. You can find many funny names and many international references on the map. In East Frisia you can walk from America (Amerika) to Russia (Russland). At the Baltic Sea you can enjoy Brazil (Brasilien) as well as California (Kalifornien). If you want to visit Canada (Kanada) you need to go to Thuringia; Norway (Norwegen) and Egypt (Ägypten) can be found in Lower Saxony. And there are different Cameroons (Kamerun) in this country, the one I like most can be found in the Wendland.

There, in a location belonging to the city Göhrde, once in the past bricks were produced. To protect against the heat during this process they created unusually shaped hats which they were wearing. And therefore the neighbors called them Cameroonians, as everything strange and unusual was called Cameroonian by that time. Probably that comes because if the sad fact that Cameroon became a German colony in 1884.

Today only happy stories are written at this place. It is now a riding center with around seventy horses and ponies, a large riding arena, a restaurant, a wellness offering and endless nice paths through the Lüneburger Heide. The accommodations are simple and cheap, you can bring your dog if you want. It is not a luxurious vacation here, but one with a lot of fun and relaxation.

We came to the Reiterhof Lüneburger Heide with eight adults and four small kids to enjoy the time between Christmas and the New Year. The schedule included pony riding twice a day which was entertaining for the small ones but also quite educative for the adults. 😉 Instead of fireworks the New Year’s tradition here is to feed the horses with a large amount of carrots – a good start into the New Year.

It was a great pleasure to be there and I can recommend this special type of vacation especially to families. Kamerun is a part of Göhrde, but also pretty close to Hitzacker. In fact it is only 2 kilometers to the railway station of Hitzacker. From there the Wendlandbahn takes you (only every 3 hours!) to Lüneburg where you have a connection to long distance trains.

Reiterhof Lüneburger Heide
Kamerun 1
29473 Göhrde (bei Hitzacker)


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