Above the beautiful historic city center of Marburg an der Lahn, Germany, you can find a castle with strong fortifications, the Landgrafenschloss or Marburger Schloss. It was created as a medieval castle in the 11th century and was changed over time by the Ludovingians and the landgraves of Thuringia. Later it became the first residence of the landgraviate of Hesse in the late 13th century and therefore it has a place in the history of this federal country of Germany.

Today you can enjoy great views on the city from up there and explore the castle: it hosts a museum which gives you also access to the representative halls, the private rooms and the nice chapel of the castle. What is really impressive is that they made the building structures visible within: you can see the deep gaps between the building parts through transparent floors made of glas. By different models of the castles you can see the development of this place over time.

The ascent to the castle is pretty steep but worth the effort. There is also a small parking area next to the castle and a tourist shuttle bus (one of these tourist ‘trains’) takes you up. Don’t miss out to visit the fortifications and towers around the castle as well as the castle gardens.

Marburg an der Lahn

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