The island Seurasaari in the north-west of Helsinki gives you the option to travel in time. An open-air museum exhibits 87 buildings from the Finnish countryside that have been built between the 17th and the 20th century and later transported to the island. This includes farm buildings, a church and even a mill. The staff is dressed-up in historic clothes and able to tell you more about the function of the buildings and rural life in the past.

Seurasaari is a peaceful and quite place that brings you back to Finland in former ages. A very much enjoyable place that you can access by a bridge in the north of the island. The open-air museum was created already in 1909 when a farm building was threatened to be demolished and it was saved by transporting it to this island which was until then mainly used as a recreational area for the people of the capital city.

In addition to visiting the museum you can also enjoy long walks on the island, go swimming in the water between the skerries or sit on a bench inside the forest and read a book. The island also offers a coffee bar, a restaurant and a museum shop. If you want to get there, take bus line 24 which takes you from Kamppi (Lähiliikenneterminaali) directly to the bridge to island; the bus stop is also named Seurasaari.

Seurasaari open-air museum
00250 Helsinki


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