The Amos Rex Art Museum is a fantastic exhibition place for art at Helsinki. It has a special location: very close to the city center, but underground. If you want to visit it you need to go to the Lasipalatsi, a functionalist building close to the main railway station. It combines coffee bars, shops, restaurants and a cinema (the Bio Rex). And underneath the Lasipalatsi (glass palace) you can find museum – fortunately the entrance at the building is clearly visible.

Formerly the Amos Rex was officially called Amos Anderson Art Museum, after the Finnish publisher Amos Anderson who created the foundation for the museum. It was renamed when the museum moved into the new underground rooms (in 2018). The new architecture gives wonderful opportunities to display contemporary art in a modern way. When you discover the area on street level you can see the cupolas made of ferroconcrete that invite you to climb on top. Underneath the reduced amount of natural light gives many opportunities. Whether it is for the architecture, for the art – or just for playing or drinking some coffee in the inner court of the museum – don’t forget to drop by.

Amos Rex Art Museum
Mannerheimintie 22-24
00100 Helsinki

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