Festung Marienberg

High above Würzburg and the river Main you can see the Marienberg fortress. In fact it is located 100 meters higher than the river on a mountain. This strategic position was used continuously throughout the centuries and the current fortress was residence of the prince-bishops of Würzburg from 1253 to 1719.

The fortress was attacked multiple times, especially during the German peasants’ war and the Thirty Years’ war. It saw serious damage during World War II but was restored shortly afterwards. Today it hosts a museum (the ‘Museum für Franken‘) and wine is growing around its walls. The fortress is open to the public and you can discover the courtyard and especially enjoy marvelous views from the Fürstengarten terrace on the Alte Mainbrücke and the city center.

You can reach the fortress on foot via different paths, the most famous starting next to the bridge. A longer one through the vineyards ends 350 meters south of it. But there is also enough space to park your car around the Reichsravelin. Additionally a bus takes you up to the fortification; the best option is the shuttle bus that takes you from the Residenz to Marienberg and vice versa (only from April to October).

Festung Marienberg
97012 Würzburg

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