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Libertas (freedom), that is the motto of Dubrovnik and it is also the name of the company providing the local bus system. From 1910 to 1970 Dubrovnik also had a tramway system with orange tramways; the only thing that survived is the color which is now used for the buses. The network isn’t too large and therefore it is easy to hop around – especially as most routes stop at the city gates called Pile and Ploče (which give you direct access to the touristic highlights).

What is rather a challenge is buying a ticket: at the bus itself you can only buy one trip tickets with correct amount of money (15 kn) at hand. It is better to buy tickets (and especially day tickets) at bus stops or shops. You’ll also might consider to get a DubrovnikCard which offers free transit. The rules are always the same: enter in front of the bus, always put your ticket into the machine (arrow pointing down, picture in your direction). Always do so, there are ticket checks going on.

The system is rather ancient and I guess it’ll be replace soon with payment by credit card or online tickets. Do you need public transport in Dubrovnik? Maybe not if you’re staying directly in the city center as many tourists do. Nearly all houses within the city walls seem to be filled with tourists. You just need a bus if you want to get to the outer areas of the city. Remember: if you want to leave Dubrovnik you’ll need to catch a long-distance bus at the central bus terminal in the harbor. That is especially valid if you want to get to the airport by bus.


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