Zračna luka

The airport of Dubrovnik (DBV) is located in Čilipi, a small town 20 kilometers southeast of the ancient city. A taxi ride might cost you around 40 Euros, by bus it is only 11 Euros for a return ticket. The bus starts 30 minutes after flights arrive directly in front of the terminal. If you’re too slow you might miss it. It brings you to one of the old city gates or to the bus terminal in the harbor.

The airport was first opened in 1962 and destroyed by Yugoslav forces in 1991. The current modern airport dates back to the year 2005. 25,000 planes transport nearly 3 million passengers every year. The numbers are steadily rising since the 2000s.

Zračna luka Dubrovnik
Dobrota 24
20213 Čilipi


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