It is one of the standard questions upfront to every city trip: Shall I pay the entrance to all sights individually or buy a package upfront? In case of my typical museum marathons, it is most often good to search for cards and packages. In case of Bruxelles, the BrusselsCard was the perfect choice for me. It offers a package of forty-nine museums covering nearly all I wanted to see, and it also has an option for visiting the Atomium without waiting in line.

The BrusselsCard also includes public transport: You’ll get a code that you have to enter at one of the STIB-MIVB Go ticket machines and you’ll receive an RFID-enabled event pass you can use in every vehicle. Alternatively, you can also include the touristic hop-on hop-of buses in your ticket. Also considerable is the MuseumPass offering access to around two hundred museums all over Belgium for one year. It might be the right choice of you travel through different regions of the country.


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