Burg Plesse

A famous hiking destination for people living at Göttingen, Germany, is the Burg Plesse – it is a castle ruin high above the village Eddigehausen belonging to Bovenden. It was first mentioned in the year 1015 and offers fantastic views on the valley of the river Leine. You can visit the castle free of charge and there are two towers; you can climb onto one of them to have even better views. On the castle grounds, there is also a restaurant, the Burgschänke.

Close to Burg Plesse there is a parking area of you want to get there by car. Otherwise, I would recommend to hike up the hill as it feels a bit to steep for cycling. The name ‘Plesse‘ refers to the German word for paleness which means that the mountain underneath is rather pale. In earlier days hiking to Burg Plesse had another advantage which is now gone: the castle belonged to the state Hesse and not to Lower-Saxony as the surrounding area. The castle was therefore treated like foreign ground and due to lower tolls and taxes, the beer consumed there was cheaper.

Burg Plesse

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