I love cat cafés and this one I just discovered by the incident: the Café Katzentempel at Leipzig, Germany. In fact, it is a branch of a cat café chain with different locations throughout Germany – I didn’t even know that something like this exists. Also, it is the largest cat café I’ve seen so far and there are so many different cats living there that it was a real pleasure to watch them play around. The Katzentempel is next to the Grassi museum and not far from the Gewandhaus and opera.

The cat café is a vegan coffee bar which means that you have to choose when you order a coffee with milk: they offer soy, hazelnut and cashew milk (the latter gives a great nut flavor to your coffee). They also offer breakfast, a vegan burger and soups. It is a reduced menu but you won’t leave hungry. And for sure: petting some cats makes you relaxed and happy – that is the best reason to get here.

Café Katzentempel
Nürnberger Str. 1
04103 Leipzig


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