Rebuilt cathedral

The Lübecker Dom is one of the richly decorated churches in the city. Its foundation stone was laid by Henry the Lion in 1137, the church was inaugurated in 1247. Formerly a Catholic church it has been converted during Protestant Reformation and it changed its appearance from a Roman to Gothic style. After a bomb partially destroyed the Dom in 1942 it needed until 1982 to restore it properly.

Today you can discover so many things in this church. The decorations are so rich that you first think that you’re at a Catholic church – the reason for that is clear. Within you can find a 17 meters high cross, beautiful glass mosaics, a beautiful baptistery, a lot of graves, unusual ancient clocks and big paintings. Even if you’re not a fan of religious buildings it is worth to have a look inside.

Dom zu Lübeck
Mühlendamm 2-6
23552 Lübeck

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