Sleeping at the station

The Lübecker Handelshof is a beautiful building from the year 1924 and directly attached to the main railway station of Lübeck, Germany. It is today a building protected by law and inside you will find a quite good hotel, the H+ Hotel. It is a modern hotel which is nice, well-designed and clean. For visiting the city it is in a very good position: extremely close to the railway station and it is also only a short walk to the city centre and the concert hall MuK.

Normally I would avoid hotels directly at a station because of the many people passing by and the rather ugly scenes you can normally observe there. But in Lübeck, it is totally different and I enjoyed staying there. The rooms are rather small but well-equipped and very modern. Additionally, breakfast is better than at other hotels and includes delicious and healthy options.

H+ Hotel Lübeck
Am Bahnhof 12-14
23558 Lübeck

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