Maritimes Museum

You can’t get to Hamburg, Germany, without learning something about seafaring. It is a necessity like eating fresh fish or visiting the Reeperbahn. A very good place for this is the Internationales Maritimes Museum (IMMH) located in an old storage building at the Speicherstadt. It was opened in 2008 and exhibits on nine floors nearly everything about people crossing the sea on a boat. This includes 50,000 miniature boats, numerous paintings about seafaring and special things I never heard about before like ship models made from bones.

But for sure you can also learn about trade and war, navigation, current research about the oceans, materials for building ships and the sea as a challenge for refugees. The museum contains items from the private collection of Peter Tamm but also donations and loaned items from other museums. The IMMH was created with the massive support of the city of Hamburg (handing over the building and money to refurbish it) and it was criticised from the beginning on: some people believe that it doesn’t give a clear comment on colonialism, militarism and the German navy.

Internationales Maritimes Museum (IMMH)
Koreastraße 1
20457 Hamburg

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