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The Museum of Modern Art in Երևան, Armenia, is a little bit hard to find and placed in a rather unusual location. It can be found at the Mesrop Mashtots Avenue near the city centre and the Blue Mosque – but it is located in the basement of a building standing in the second row and above the museum there are flats. It therefore looks a bit improvised from the outside but it is really worth a visit.

It was founded in 1972 and exhibits works from Armenians – those living in the country and those in the diaspora. It was one of the first museums focussing modern art in the Soviet Union. As contemporary Armenian artists are rather unknown in central Europe it is great to learn more about them and see their view on the world. The exhibition is just a long stretched room in the basement – maybe this can be extended in the future.

Museum of Modern Art
Ժամանակակից արվեստի թանգարան
7 Mesrop Mashtots Ave / 7 Մեսրոպ Մաշտոց պողոտա
Երևան, Հայաստան
Yerevan, Armenia

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