Japanese oasis

One of the most beautiful places in Leverkusen, Germany, is the Japanese garden. It dates back to the year 1912 and is part of the Chempark – the collection of companies producing chemical products in the city. Since 1950 it is publicly accessible and you can enjoy having the feeling of being in Japan. There are nice lakes, Japanese temples, red maple trees, koi carps, and different statues. It is simply a wonderful place to relax, discover and enjoy life.

You can access the Japanese garden best by car (walking is not an option because of the location) or S-Bahn. Take the train to ‘Leverkusen Chempark‘ and then it is about one kilometre through the Carl-Duisburg-Park (named after a former head of the IG Farben company) to reach the Japanese garden.

Japanischer Garten
51373 Leverkusen

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