Artificial lakes

The Kosovo is in a special geographic situation – a large valley with different mountains at its borders and no access to the sea. There are some rivers like the Drin and the Ibër and only few lakes, most of them glacial lakes. That is why there are also some artificial lakes created especially for ensuring drinking water supply. If you’re at Prishtinë two lakes are not too far away: the Liqeni e Battlavës and the Liqeni e Badovcit.

The Batlava lake (Liqeni e Battlavës) is in the north-east of Prishtinë and when you get there you can easily see that it is an artificial lake because of the high dam. River Batlava is retained there and the water is brought to the capital city. Even though it is artificial it is surrounded by nice landscape and there are many restaurants surrounding it. People also use it for swimming.

Close to the city is the Badovac lake (Liqeni e Badovcit) with a dam retaining river Gračanka. You will see it if you visit the bear sanctuary (which I highly recommend). For it’s creation a Serbian village had to be flooded including the church which is now under water. The lake is used by fishermen but also by many locals to have a barbecue at its shore and go swimming.

Liqeni e Battlavës
Liqeni e Badovcit

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