Flora and fauna

A good area to relax can be found in the north of Chemnitz, Germany. There you can have a walk in the vast Küchwald park (and ride a narrow-gauge steam-engine train) and you’ll also find a nice botanical garden. It was already created in 1898 and contains numerous middle-European plants, a tropical greenhouse with crop plants, a collection of succulents and much more animals than you would expect at such a place.

There is a small vivarium with some snakes and frogs. You can also find areas with goats, sheep, chickens, a pot-bellied pig, guinea pigs, turtles and raccons. The entrance to the botanical garden is free of charge but donations are welcomed. Get here by bus: you can jump into bus 21 at the Zentralhaltestelle (direction ‘Chemnitz Center‘ – which does not refer to the city center but a shopping mail with that name) and exit at ‘Wittgensdorfer Straße / Botanischer Garten‘.

Botanischer Garten
Leipziger Str. 147
09114 Chemnitz

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