Vilniaus oro uostas (VNO)

It is the airport with the most unexpected and beautiful entrance building ever: the airport of Vilnius, Lithuania (Vilniaus oro uostas, airport code VNO). The airport is located seven kilometers south of the city center and was built in 1932. It has two runways and transports approximitely 3.7 million passengers every year. VNO is a small airport and you don’t need to arrive too early before your flight – but waiting times for baggage drop-off can be quite long if you arrive at the wrong time.

If you want to get to or from the airport there are several options. The easiest first: a taxi costs around 15 Euros. But there are also four bus lines starting at the airport (every ten minutes a bus leaves) and this only costs you one Euro. But you need to know that the airport has its own railway station (which is unique in the Baltic states). Trains bring you within seven minutes to the main railway station close to the city center.

Vilniaus oro uostas (VNO)
Rodūnios kl. 10A
Vilnius 02189

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