Televizijos bokštas

TV towers are always a good option to get another view on the city. The one at Vilnius, Lithuania (Televizijos bokštas) is a bit special as it doesn’t have an outdoor platform. Instead you’ll find a restaurant inside with seats at the windows – and these seats continuously rotate around the tower. Therefore you can sit back, relax and see all of the surroundings of the tower while sipping a coffee or having dinner.

TV tower, Vilnius
TV tower, Vilnius

The tower is 326 meters high, the restaurant is located at 165 meters height and the TV tower was opened in 1980. During Christmas time it is converted into a giant Christmas tree by countless lights. You can find it three kilometers (beeline) afar from the city center and it can be reached by bus (but because of the special location behind river Neris the trip is definitely longer than three kilometers). The restaurant and the food served there are nothing special – but it is a good place to meet at and spend some time.

When the Baltic states were striving for for independence the TV tower unfortunately became scene of a cruel act: in 1991 the Soviets wanted to occupy the parliament and the TV tower. By that time those towers were still mighty instruments to inform or desinform people. Locals created a humain chain around the tower and some of them were simply overrun by Soviet tanks. A memorial near the tower is dedicated to them.

Televizijos bokštas
Sausio 13-osios g. 10
Vilnius 04347

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