Zur Post

I don‘t know how often we have crossed the Alps when I was a child. Every year I‘ve seen the Brennero on our way to Alto Adige, Italy – and many other families did so, too. We always drove the complete way from northern Germany – but if you want to split the long way in two the Gasthof Zur Post at Kiefersfelden, Germany is a good option.

It is a traditional German hotel in Bavarian style with friendly owners and staff. From there it is only a short walk to the Austrian border. Additionally the railway station is next door and therefore the hotel is also suitable for excursions without a car. And they have wonderful horses in the backyard. Therefore it is good for a stop on a long trip, good for exploring the area around and also good for family vacations.

Gasthof Zur Post
Bahnhofstraße 26
83088 Kiefersfelden


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