Kassel, Germany was always a birthplace for new technologies – especially when they could be used to increase mobility. The biggest name for sure is Henschel, a company that built locomotives, lorries, busses, but also tanks, planes and rockets. They were also involved in building the Transrapid magnetic monorail. Another company was Wegmann, producing railway waggons. Still today Bombardier is producing locomotives at Kassel. A good reason for a technology museum with a focus on mobility.

The Technik-Museum is located in the Wolfhager Straße within the giant buildings of the Henschel factory. It is maintained by a private association and presents items about energy technology, machine construction, electro-technics and mobility. There are many, many interesting items but the stars of the museum are the Transrapid, the steam engine Drache from 1848, numerous tramways and a large collection of fire brigade vehicles.

Technik-Museum Kassel
Wolfhager Straße 109
34127 Kassel

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