Flowers Hotel

The Flowers Hotel at Münster in Westfalen, Germany is an unconventional but nice hotel near the main railway station of the city. It is on the rear side of the station where the Wolbecker Straße meets the Bremer Platz. The hotel and the rooms have artificial turf on the floor and many colorful lights. Within the rooms you’ll find a kitchen and fridge which would be normal for a boarding house.

The hotel doesn’t have many services but there is a common room that is also the receiption where you’ll find free sweets. Breakfast is also served up there and you can get outside onto a nice terrace with good views on the railway tracks. Therefore you can already spot the hotel easily when arriving by train: just watch out for colorful lights on the top of a house. I loved to stay there for some nights – the only annoying thing is that the rear entrance of the station is currently blocked and you’ll have to walk a bit to reach the hotel.

Flowers Hotel
Wolbecker Straße 16A
48155 Münster

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