Burg Adelebsen

At Adelebsen, Germany on a hill next to the city center you can find the remaining buildings of the fortress and castle of Adelebsen. It dates back to the year 1234 and was home to the local nobility. Their line ended in 1957 with the death of Georg Freiherr von Adelebsen, the castle is now owned by a foundation.

The remaining buildings are in very good condition. That is because of the fact that in most buildings people are living. Most characteristically is the nine level high donjon which offers good views from its rooftop and gives home to the largest colony of daws in southern Lower Saxony.

You can park you car at a small and narrow carpark in the center of Adelebsen. From there it is only a short walk up the steps through the city center to the castle. You’ll pass a small museum, a soldier memorial and the St. Martini church. When you arrive there you start asking yourself: am I allowed to enter the grounds? There is no sign.

Only when you reach the donjon you can see an information at a building wall. To visit the donjon you have to call in advance or be here at a special festival where admission is open to everyone. I had the feeling that this could really be an interesting tourist destination – but therefore more information should be provided.

Burg Adelebsen
Offenser Straße 1a
37139 Adelebsen

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