Naturum & Västerviks Museum

The Naturum and the Västerviks Museum at Västervik, Sweden were a very positive surprise. We went by narrow-gauge train from Hultsfred to Västervik – but what to do there? Then I found these two museums on the Internet and decided to give them a try. They are located 20 minutes on foot away from the railway station on a rock called Kulbacken. It is located on the other side of the bay but there is a road and a path leading there.

You can visit the Naturum free of charge. It is not very big but you can learn about the flora and fauna of this region. When we entered the room the very friendly employee gave us a tour in German and gave us hints how to look at small animals and plants through microscopes. The rest of the rooms, the outdoor exhibition and the tower outside belongs to the Västerviks Museum that charges you a small fee. Here you can learn more about ships and see models, pictures and old boats outdoor. You can also see the buildings the people were once living in this region.

Also they offer changing exhibitions, in our case they displayed the history of a big war ship called Mars and how the remains on the bottom of the sea are currently analyzed. The employee gave us a nice tour in English – it is a nice idea that you’re not left alone with such exhibitions. Outside you can find a tower that you can climb on called Unos tower. You have to ring a bell and tell the number that is written on your receipt. From there you have a very nice view on Västervik and the bay.

Naturum Västervik
Kulgatan 38
593 38 Västervik

Västerviks Museum
Kulbacken 1
593 38 Västervik

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