The reason why the two stones have been placed at the Steinbachtal near the ‘Franzosenbrücke‘ at Hann. Münden, Germany is a bad one: two merchants have been killed there in 1614, Johann Kessler and Georg Schmalkalden von Saltz. They have been robbed and died there on their way back home.

In common belief the souls of these two could be prevented from haunting the area and frighten people passing by – by placing these two Mordsteine. Today this is a beautiful place in the forest, the area has been framed and there is a bench to sit down.

You can get here on foot from Bonaforth or you can simply park your car close to the bridge. When you walk into the valley of river Steinbach there is a sign telling you to walk down for 100 meters. After passing under the bridge you will see the two stones soon.

34346 Hann. Münden

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