It was spring and the weather started to get better and more sunny. But then over night temperatures dropped and we woke up with a lot of snow in front of our hotel windows. For this day we had decided to go to the Biosphäre in Potsdam, Germany and that was a really good decision. It is a huge greenhouse with tropical plants, animals and tropical temperature.

While it was snowing outside we were sitting in a tropical forest drinking ice coffee and eating icecream. The tour starts at an artificial lake with an artificial geysir you can start yourself. After passing a waterfall you are constantly guided up on a path through the different zones of a tropical forest.

You see and learn much about tropical plants we all know (e.g. bananas, coffee, vanilla) and different animals. On the way you can enter a butterfly house and climb into a submarine where you will find some fishes. On top there is a nice coffee bar and another lake with koi carps. Wait here for the full hour to hear thunder, see flashes and tropical rain dropping on the lake.

In the next section you can walk through the treetops and witch different beautiful birds fly. After a film in the end there is a good and well-assorted gift shop as well as a restaurant where you can eat in the tropical climate. The Biosphäre was created for the Bundesgartenschau 2001 and should be closed in the end of 2017. Luckily they kept it open and are now searching for an investor.

Biosphäre Potsdam
Georg-Hermann-Allee 99
14469 Potsdam

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