The PS.SPEICHER is a mobility museum in Einbeck, Germany opened in 2014. After purchasing your tickets you can store your luggage in lockers and take an elevator to the sixth floor of an old granary. The tour leads you continuously downstairs and through the ages of human mobility.

On your way you can see around 300 different motorbikes and cars presented in different ways. Sometimes they are shown in outdoor scenes, sometimes you enter a discotheque or a milk bar and at one point they compare motorbikes from East and West Germany. During the exhibition there are always small items, games or tunnels to entertain children. The highlight in this perspective is a marble run in the lobby where you have to move the balls up yourself on different ways.

The exhibition is extended by changing exhibitions (requiring an extra fee) at the main location and an additional exhibition about coaches and lorries at an external location reachable by bus shuttle. There is also a restaurant and a nice gift shop. It was fun to be here and we spent about two hours just at the central location.

Tiedexer Tor 3
37574 Einbeck

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