Eléctrico 28

The Carreira 28E dos Eléctricos de Lisboa is an historic streetcar line in Lisboa, Portugal and connects the city quarters Alfama, Baixa and Lapa. Especially because of narrow streets only short ancient streetcars are used.

The Eléctrico 28 starts at the place Martim Moniz north of the old city center. It then runs around the castle hill through Graça and Alfama which is the most interesting section. Therefore many tourists use the streetcar there and it is often overcrowded. It is best to do this wonderful ride early in the morning.

The streetcar passes many important sights in Graça and Alfama and is especially interesting because of a maximum inclination of 13.5 degrees, tight curves and narrow streets. After reaching Baixa the streetcar continues through Lapa to Campo Orique. Taking the Eléctrico 28 is today one of the must-dos of tourists. Remember to only enter in front and validate your ticket.

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