Cervejaria Portugalia

We came to the Cais de Sodré in Lisboa, Portugal as it is supposed to be a good area at the river Tejo with many restaurants. As it was winter most locations were closed and we found a high-quality seafood restaurant – but we had the feeling of being underdressed.

Next to it was our second choice, the Cervejaria Portugalia. It imitates the style of a brewery but it was obviously never one. And there are three Portugalia locations throughout Lisboa. But we didn’t regret dining here: meat and seafood were really good, the staff was fast and friendly.

They have different beers on their menu but also some cocktails. We got to know the Caipirão here – a Caipirinha variation with Portugal’s favorite liquor Beirão. Just get to Cais de Sodré station and walk west along the shore, you cannot miss this place.

Cervejaria Portugalia
Rua Cintura do Porto
1200-109 Lisboa


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