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In my youth it was impossible to go by car through Lower Saxony and not to here the radio advertisement for the “Vogelpark Walsrode” with its iconic jingle. But we never went to the biggest bird park in the world in the Lüneburg Heath, located near Walsrode, Germany. Now was the time for that and the park created in 1962 is definitely worth a visit, even though you will find some deterioration here and there.

On 240000 squaremeters you can see 4200 birds from 675 species. They have outdoor areas for penguins, flamingos and pelicans, smaller and bigger cages for toucans, eagles, harpies and owls, big halls where birds can fly freely and special sections for species like hummingbirds. A special attraction are bird shows presented at an area in the center.

But the park offers much more: a vast playground, a water playground, a restaurant, a beergarden and a large souvenir shop. The park is so big that you need at last six hours for a visit – but it is impossible to see everything in that timeframe. Therefore you can also find a hotel attached to the park.

The park was facing trouble during the last 20 years: for the world exhibition EXPO 2000 it was extended once again and the owners found themselves in economic trouble – in the end they had to sell the park. Until 2008 the visitor count dropped on a level which didn’t allow for an economical operation and insolvency knocked on the doors. But in 2009 an investor was found and finally in 2010 the park was renamed to “Weltvogelpark” (“world bird park“).

You can easily access the park by car. There are numerous free parking lots and you have to cross a bridge over a road to find the cash desk and the entrance.

Weltvogelpark Walsrode
Am Vogelpark
29664 Walsrode

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