Getting foreign currencies

Most often it is the most economic choice to get a foreign currency at your destination. Exchange rates are often better. But there are situations where you want to be prepared in advance: if you arrive at night, if you need to pay road toll after crossing the border by car and if your destination is a really exotic one.

If you have trouble with the local language and arrive tired and exhausted you don’t want to look for a crowded money exchange shop to be able to pay the transport to your hotel. And as the most countries in Europe have the Euro, most destinations where you need a foreign currency are pretty special.

In these cases I don’t want to gamble and often decide for having a small amount of foreign money already in my briefcase upon arrival. If you live in larger cities, your house bank can assist you. But I’ve been disappointed by my bank too many times as they often didn’t have currency from other continents.

My favorite supplier since a lot of years is the ReiseBank – not the cheapest option but with a large variety and many locations. Check the correct opening hours (they are sometimes special) and signal the necessary amount by phone in advance, if you want to be sure.

ReiseBank Kassel
Untere Königsstr. 78
34117 Kassel

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