Castle and gardens

The castle in Schwetzingen, Germany is a wonderful destination for a day trip. It was a summer residence of the electors of Palatine and it is especially famous for the castle gardens created in the 18th century. The first note about the castle dates back to the year 1350.

It has been tried to make this place and parts of the city a UNESCO World Heritage site but until today the application was not accepted. Most people get to Schwetzingen to take a walk in the wonderful English and French gardens with its temples, fountains and the orangery. This also includes a decorative mosque.

On the market place close-by there is a free parking lot. Afterwards you can enjoy some food our drinks in one part of the castle, at the Kürfürstenstube at the entrance or in several restaurants in front of the castle. If you get there at the right time of the year you can also buy some fresh regional asparagus here.

Schloss und Schlossgarten Schwetzingen
Schloß Mittelbau
68723 Schwetzingen

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