Heathrow Express

Getting to the city center of London, United Kingdom from Heathrow airport was painful in the past. The most important airport is 24 km away from the center and you need around 50 minutes by subway.  In 1998 the new Heathrow Express started to operate and now you can reach Paddington station within 15 minutes (from terminals 2/3) – especially on short trips to London you can save a lot of travel time in this way.

Taking the Heathrow Express is not very cheap, but it offers all you need: enough space, clean toilets and fast WiFi. And Paddington station is a good destination, because between this place and Hyde Park you can find lots of small hotels.  You can buy tickets online – they get cheaper if you buy them at least 30 days in advance.

Depending on the terminal your airline is using the travel duration and the easiness of travel differs. If you are at terminal 2/3 the train goes directly within 15 minutes to Paddington. If you are at terminal 5 the train goes via terminal 2/3 within 21 minutes to Paddington. When arriving at terminal 4 you have to go to terminals 2/3 and switch trains there.

Using the Heathrow Express between terminal 5 and terminals 2/3 is free of charge in Express class (the normal carriages).

Heathrow Express
Paddington station
Praed Street
England, United Kingdom

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