IT meets kitsch

I came to Klagenfurt, Austria to visit the scientific conference INFORMATIK 2016, held at the Alpen-Adria-Universität. A good conference also for a practitioner looking forward to future developement of IT. Besides this I also had the opportunity to take a look on this region forming a triangular with Ljubljana in Slovenia and Udine in Italy.

Klagenfurt is a dream to many senior Germans, especially because of the 1970s TV series “Ein Schloß am Wörthersee” (“A castle at the Wörthersee“), showing the landscape in a romantic and kitschy show. The city of Klagenfurt fits to this image very well (even though the castle is located on the opposite shore of the lake), it looks like a museum. Beautifully preserved but at least at 6pm all stores are closed and life leaves the center.

During my free time I took a look at the town and the famous Lindwurm statue, walked along the shore of the Wörthersee, visited the Lendhafen and the Schloß Maria Loretto. And I visited Minimundus – a miniature representation of the world. I enjoyed the landscape but decided that I’m still to young to make this a destination for a vacation.


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