Hanseatic pearl

The city of Lübeck, Germany is a very old town that became rich by trading goods. The old city center which looks like an island and is surrounded by arms of the river Trave became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1987. Famous is also a small town belonging to Lübeck: Travemünde. It is a well-known beach with a very high and ugly hotel complex directly at the shore.

If you come to Lübeck you’ll first have to visit the Holstentor, an old city gate. From there you can explore the various churches built from red bricks, the wonderful market place and the puppet museum. An important specialty from Lübeck (which I in fact dislike very much) is marchpane, a sweet made from almonds. You can buy it at the most important store – Niederegger – and in lots of locations throughout the city.


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