Mosaic and Fortress

Yet another archeological site, I was about to say. But Zippori is kind of different: as the citizens didn’t participate in the uprising of the Jews against the Roman occupation in 66 CE the city wasn’t destroyed then. Therefore you can find wonderful mosaics here. The town is often mentioned in the Talmud: “Why is it called Zippori? Because it is perched on top of the mountain like a bird” (Talmud, Megillah, 6a).

During some years Zippori was the place of the highes institution of Jewish law – the Sanhedrin. During crusader times Zippori was an important town of the Galilee, then called “Le Saphorie”. From these times a fortress on top of the hill is still standing. You can get on top and enjoy beautiful views on the landscape.

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