Ensuring water supply (and other needs)

Israel is a country with a very good infrastructure and getting snacks and something to drink was absolutely no-frills. But within Jerusalem I only found small shops and no big supermarket chains where you could simply fill your trunk with some bottles of mineral water – as I normally do while travelling throughout countries with high temperatures; a pure necessity.

There a different supermarket chains in Israel but you have two problems to find them: you don’t know their names and you can’t decipher their signs written in Ivrit. On my way from Jerusalem to the north of the country I stopped at one of the “Mega” supermarkets close to Modi’in – easily reachable from the motorway.

You can also find a pharmacy and all kind of stores you might need close-by. I was especially fond of their selection of spices sold per weight. Never seen that anywhere in the world in a supermarket before.

Mega Bul

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