The American Colony Hotel

It is not a luxury hotel, it is a legend: The American Colony hotel in Jerusalem, only a ten minute walk away from the old town and a safe harbour and second home for travellers. It was founded because the grandfather of Sir Peter Ustinov, Baron Plato Grigorjewitsch Ustinow, was not fond of the Osman hotels where he had to stay during his visits to Jerusalem. Later, Graham Green, Richard Gere and Winston Churchill stayed at the American Colony. And it was also the place where T. E. Lawrence told his story about Lawrence of Arabia to a journalist.

Today it is still a great hotel with beautiful rooms, a nice garden with lemon trees, lavender and pomegranate trees. You can have breakfast within a wonderful courtyard and enjoy coming to a quiet place after all the hustle and bustle within Jerusalem. The hotel also has a great parking lot (important in Jerusalem) and an outdoor pool. Definitely a place to feel immediately at home.

1 Louis Vincent Street
Jerusalem, 9720071

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