Ben Gurion Airport (TLV)

The Ben Gurion airport close to Tel Aviv-Yafo is a very modern and good airport of medium size. It is connected by train to the city but most travellers might prefer rental cars instead. Arriving at TLV starts with a passport control that can last some minutes and includes some trivial questions about the planned stay.

On the first level of the arrival hall (follow the escalators) you will find all car rental companies, the parking lots are on the same level just outside the building. When you return the car simply follow the orange signs leading you to the return area. And don’t be confused by the military check-point at the entrance to the airport – they’ll let you pass without a problem.

Flying from TLV gives you the need to arrive pretty early, three hours before flight. Just before handing your luggage in you’ll have to stand a tough questioning about your travel history marked in your passport. Leave your luggage unlocked, because it will be inspected in your absence – I found a note that my toothpaste has been checked thoroughly.

After a check of the handluggage using an isotopic analysis you can enter the main square – round, with a wonderful roof and all gates arranged surrounding it. Good shops, food courts and no problem to kill some time.

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