Where Danube and Sava meet

When walking along the pedestrian street, ulica Kneza Mihaila, you’ll arive at a place called Kalemegdan. As the name Beograd indicates, there must be somewhere a white (beo) fortress (grad) – and this is the place. The best walk is along the Sava river on the so called Sava promenade.

On the right hand there’s a park and afterwards you see the fortress, which holds a military museum. If you walk straight on you get to a viewpoint with a statue called “the victor”. From this point you have an absolutely nice view on Novi Beograd and the point where the rivers Danube and Sava meet. In fact, the green place behind the Sava is an island within the Danube river.

The fortress has been used, destroyed and rebuilt by different sovereigns: Romans, Slavs, Osmans; Konrad III, Ludwig VII, Béla III, Barbarossa, Henry the Lion. It was even used as a stopover for the crusaders on their way to the holy land. Kalemegdan not only hosts a military museum, but also a zoo, a natural history museum and an art pavilion.

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