Casa da Feijoada

I heard a lot about the Feijoada, a typical Brazilian meal; especially because FIFA tried to forbid selling it close to the venues of the world cup 2014. So I needed to try this stew of beans with meat, meat and … meat. Close to “my” metro station General Orsório in Ipanema I found a good restaurant that only serves this meal.

I should have prepared better, left out breakfast and stayed hungry during the day. It all started with me choosing one kind of meat which brought me strange looks – I had to select five. That is why I left the choice to the waiter, only asking him to leave out innards, tails, feet and ears. Okay, it wasn’t so close any more to the national dish of Brazil, but at least I could eat it. 😉

What followed was a traditional combination of drinkings and food: rice, meat stew, banana, black beans. Fusion food from South America and Africa. In the end I surrended because of the sheer mass and decided to become vegetarian, but that is a decision lasting not too long. 🙂

Rua Prudente de Morais, 10B – Ipanema
Rio de Janeiro, 22420-010

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