Termas Geométricas

I really love spas and saunas; I already tried a lot of those – but the Termas Geométricas close to Coñaripe, Chile ruled everything out. The area around Lago Villarica is full of hot springs because of the four volcanoes around. I was staying at Pucón and surrounded the Volcán Villarrica by car to access this very remote place for relaxation.

Within a crevice of the volcano a lot of pools have been installed connected by red wooden bridges. The infrastructure was very good and next to showers and toilets there was even a small bar. Dependent on the current temperature of the water coming from the mountain some pools were open and some were closed because the water was too hot. I really enjoyed this place and on my way back I took a couple from Paris back to the town – the first time in my life that I had hitchhikers on board; but the way down the volcano was simply to long to let them walk back.

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