A week at the CeBIT

Most people in the world know the CeBIT – the famous computer fair in Hannover, Germany, originally named “Centrum der Büro- und Informationstechnik“. Since 1986 this annual meeting attracts all important players in information technology and is a big playground for computer enthusiasts.

I must admit, I’m over it. One year I was asked to represent the University of Göttingen at the booth of Lower Saxony with a scientific project of mine. Five long days I was standing there and continuously telling the same story. At least it was a real experience and the parties in the evenings were pretty good. And you need them after long days on such a fair.

Deutsche Messe AG
30521 Hannover


The first CeBIT was in 1986 – now we know that the last one will be that of 2018. The fair organizers announced the end of the CeBIT in 2018.

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