From Alto Adige to Veneto

When I was a child we were travelling every year to the same flat in the same village: Dorf Tirol near Merano in Tirolo, Italy. At the end of my twenties my brother and I decided to return for a short visit. Therefore we took the train from München, Germany via Brennero to Bolzano, Italy and continued to Merano.

We enjoyed the wonderful Christmas market at river Passirio and took a bus up to Dorf Tirol. We visited the house we were always living in (“Haus Windisch“), the minigolf course, the one and only ice cream parlour, the castle and walked down again on the famous Tappeiner promenade.

It was like a trip to the past, one that I intend to do again in the future. We continued to Verona and visited the most important sights. I knew the town already well and acted as an experienced tour guide. Next day we rode the train to Venezia and spent a nice day in the laguna before we went back home.

Merano / Verona / Venezia

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