Deer at the city

Visiting the city of Nara from Kyōto, Japan is an easy short trip by regional train – and it is really worth it. There are lots of important temples (including the largest Buddha statue) and a situation I’ve never seen before: deer living within the city center.

From 710 to 784 Nara was the capital of Japan, most important sights date back to that era. The throne went further on to Kyōto and the city was destroyed in 1180 to large extend – what you see today has been rebuilt afterwards.

The deer was always living at that area and therefore they are still kept there. Beware: if you buy food they’ll circle you and prick you until you give it to them. Large signs warn about the danger that arises from wild animals. But it is really fun to see deer crossing roads on zebra crossings or step into busses.

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